Levi’s Pull On Leggings

Happy new year everyone! One of my resolutions this year is to blog more consistently. (Fingers crossed!) And with that, here is a sophisticated take on the camo look from Levi’s. What I am loving about this repeat pattern are the dark shades and organic shapes. It’s clear designers at Levi’s wanted to make a rather subtle statement, skipping the standard-issue green and opting for a more subdued hue. The print stands out by recalling forest foliage instead of arid environments. Nice work from the talented people on the Levi’s design team based in San Francisco!


Karen Kane Crystal Vision Sheath Dress

Kudos to the Karen Kane team for coming up with very wearable apparel, which serves as a canvas for modern prints and patterns. Case in point: the Crystal Vision sheath dress below. From the murky coloring to the hazy forms, everything about the artwork feels right for this fall. And yes, this is a fine example of sustainable fashion — made in America!




By the way, if you happen to be the textile designer, or know who was, would you please let me know? I’d love to feature him or her here.

Michael Stars Printed Chiffon Sleeveless Shell

I really like it when fashion brands show pictures of people making clothing, like Michael Stars does here. It makes me feel like they value how their products are made, as much as what their finished products look like. It’s fun, too, because I get a tinge of nostalgia for the days I spent watching my mom sew pageant gowns, wedding dresses, and prom wear (for my friends and me, too!). Naturally, I have her to thank for my love of fabric. Which brings me to the piece below.

Printed on a sheer material, this top is perfect for fall with its ornate pattern and smokey hues. Plus, sustainable fashion fans will be happy: it’s made in the USA.


fall 2015 sustainable fashion

Happy Fall everyone! Maybe you already have a closet full of cozy clothing options. Or, perhaps you’re on the lookout for a new piece. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy this outfit, celebrating a sophisticated boho look in a conscious way.



1. tunic at ebay; 2. pants at Reformation; 3. necklace at Tenzabelle; 4. boots at Olsenhaus


Amour Vert Olive Maxi Dress

Based in San Francisco, Amour Vert really walks the talk when it comes to sustainable fashion.  Aside from making everything in the U.S., they use low-impact dyes, sustainable fibers, and innovative fabrics — all while finding ways to produce in a zero-waste manner. Not to mention, the timelessness of their pieces will make you want to hang on to them forever. Case in point: the 100% silk Olive Maxi Dress at Rodale’s, which features a beautiful abstract print in varying shades of blue.




Townsen Floral Zip-Front Jacket

There is something fresh about this American-made, all-cotton zip-up from Townsen, a three-year-old clothing brand based in L.A. Its organic, abstract print softens the simple, sporty lines to make for a versatile piece. Hurry! There’s only one left on Amazon.


Living Doll Cold Shoulder Print Swing Top

You’ve got to love a brand that proudly proclaims their muse is a “fashion chameleon.” But what first drew me to Living Doll was the blouse below, which I found after doing a search for made in the USA on Nordstrom‘s site. Its breezy boho silhouette and pretty tribal print make for a cheerful, romantic piece. And at $38, you could say it’s on the affordable side of American-made fashion.


But what would you pair this with? Would love to hear your thoughts!



Joie Nevaeh Sweatpants in Animal Print

Going beyond après gym, these stylish sweatpants sit nicely in lounge-worthy territory, thanks to a weathered snakeskin print and camo colorway. A product of the L.A.-based design and manufacturing team of Joie, these bottoms are cut from a mostly cotton, micro French terry fabric. If you think the animal print trend is on its last legs, think again. These made-in-the-U.S.A. bottoms prove there are at least a few folks in So. Cal. who beg to differ.


Serena & Lily Vivian Shift Dress in a Sophisticated, Abstract Print

Serena & Lily is a San Francisco bay area-based design brand that I adore. What started as a destination for stylish home decor now includes women’s apparel. Here’s a piece from their fall line, highlighting a modern abstract print rendered in a wonderfully organic hand. And in case you’re wondering, it’s made in the USA.




Buying Made-in-the-U.S.A. Clothes May Help Create One Million Jobs

According to the Million Jobs Project, if just 5% more of our purchases are American made, then we, as consumers, can create a million jobs in the U.S. This plus the fast-approaching fall season made me look twice when this Emerson Fry coat landed in my inbox. Cut from a heavy linen fabric, it features a custom leopard print based on a vintage piece. While its price tag ($475) may or may not make you think twice, you can feel good knowing it’s designed and made in the U.S. Kiss summer goodbye in style and in good conscience.



If you think I should know about an American made product with an interesting look or other sustainable fashion, please let me know!