Levi’s Pull On Leggings

Happy new year everyone! One of my resolutions this year is to blog more consistently. (Fingers crossed!) And with that, here is a sophisticated take on the camo look from Levi’s. What I am loving about this repeat pattern are the dark shades and organic shapes. It’s clear designers at Levi’s wanted to make a rather subtle statement, skipping the standard-issue green and opting for a more subdued hue. The print stands out by recalling forest foliage instead of arid environments. Nice work from the talented people on the Levi’s design team based in San Francisco!


Townsen Floral Zip-Front Jacket

There is something fresh about this American-made, all-cotton zip-up from Townsen, a three-year-old clothing brand based in L.A. Its organic, abstract print softens the simple, sporty lines to make for a versatile piece. Hurry! There’s only one left on Amazon.